Sunday, April 17, 2016

Collector's Quest Episode 27: NES Value Charts

These are the charts we discuss in episode 26. The charts show Video Game Price Charts (VGCP) value for the top NES games, both loose and CIB, and they also show the current eBay price as determined by recent sold auctions. The True CIB and True Loose columns show my determined value, based on experience, forum prices, and of course the VGCP and eBay price already listed. The final column is the % of the total value of a CIB game that the cart makes up. Example, if a CIB game is 100 dollars, and the loose cart sells for 60, the cart % of the value is 60%

The second chart: Carts With Values Close To CIB is entirely derived from the VGPC. The VGPC has is a nice guide to pricing but not the end all be all in determining value. Please take this chart with a  grain of salt, and use it to establish a way of thinking rather than a definitive answer.

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Saturday, January 9, 2016

I Have The Power! Every Issue of Nintendo Power and the Top 285 Nintendo Games

Welcome to 2016!!!

Just an update for those of you read here but don't follow me on Instagram. For all of 2016 I am going to post an image of every Nintendo Power all 285, I know big deal. Here is what I am doing to spice it up, in the last issue of Nintendo Power they named their top 285 games, so I decided I would match that rank with the issue of the Nintendo Power it corresponds with. The picture above is an example, NP#1 with the #1 ranked game Zelda Ocarina of Time. I am not going to just go 1-285, I am going to make it a bit more random so everyone doesn't know what to expect, I am also going to sprinkle in 15 personal choices that encompass the WiiU and 3DS.  Hope to see some new faces on IG, make sure if you read here to send me a message on IG so I can follow you back.

Happy New Year all

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Star Wars Collecting Revisited & Podcast

With the Force Awakens coming out in two days I was inspired to revist a post I made in May of 2013. In this post I put together a small checklist of Star Wars games from the 8 bit to the 64 bit era. While my list was good it was not enough, it also had some errors and omissions. The new checklist goes beyond 64bit and now covers the range of original NES to the current gen systems. As the Collector's Quest Podcast is now up and going strong we also decided to do an episode on Star Wars game collecting whcih you can find on SoundCloud or iTunes.

This checklist is not yet complete and still a work in progress. If you see any errors please let me know.

Star Wars Game Checklist (Work In Progress)

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Collector's Quest Returns

The Collector's Quest Podcast has returned after a 6 month hiatus, and things have changed.

1.The biggest change is that we have a new host, Bobby the former host had to leave for work reasons, the new host is Kat, she is an awesome collector and you can find her on Instagram at Katslevania.

2. The old links you had for SoundCloud and iTunes are no good. Please find and listen to the Podcast at I hope to have us back at the old iTunes link soon, but if that doesn't work I will get everyone the new one.

3. The goal, originally the podcast was formatted in such a way that Bobby asked me a ton of question about collecting and I handed out tips and talked about what it is like to be collector. All of that was fine, but it was just my POV, we now have two collectors, so double the knowledge double the power, and to add to that we are bringing on other collectors as guests to share what they know as well. More Better

The goal of the show is still the same. We want to talk about collecting for multiple system and share our experience and thoughts, we want to chat about games, we want to have some fun talking about this think that is taking up our free time and money.

As always, Thank you for reading and hopefully listening


Friday, May 29, 2015

An Update and a Contest, Win a Jigglypuff Amiibo

So I haven't post anything here in a bit and the podcast that was going pretty regular is MIA. Why? For good reasons, Bobby the host of Collector's Quest just graduated and got a sweet new job, which also means he has to move across many states. All of these awesome things happened to Bobby all at once, so we had to shelf the podcast until things settled down. For those who might be worried that him moving will end the podcast, do not fear, we actually live closer to each other now, so location is not the issue.

So What about me, why am I not posting? I am just the general sort of busy with work and life that is leaving me very little free time. I have been posting on Instagram though, so if you don't follow me there, you are missing out. Instagram has been great, it allows me to show cool little collection pieces in a bite size, on the move, no hassle, no involved reading fashion. I am really enjoy the format of Instagram, so much so that I am doing a giveaway, it is pretty easy and the time commitment is low. Presents the #JigglyJohnny Contest
Win a new Jigglypuff Amiibo in three easy steps
1.       Follow me @Johnny_iucci
2.       Like this photo
3.       Repost this photo (on Instagram) with #JigglyJohnny and #Amiibo
A winner will be selected no later than June 14th or when I hit 500 followers

Thank you for Reading and look for new podcasts and posts soon.