Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Sega Genesis Sticker Mania

Greetings all, I know it has been a little while since I have posted anything so I wanted to get a fun post out for the Holidays. Before we get stuck on stickers let me tell you what I have been working on... Sega Genesis Cardboard Box Games. I guess I should be more specific, I have been working on completing a set of Sega Genesis Cardboard Box Games (CB), and while that sounds as easy enough, I assure you it isn't. Completing a set of CB's is not as simple as finding a list and buying away until you are done. Why not you ask? Well first off, no list exists...well no list existed until now. Me and a few friends on worked very hard and did tons of research to create the most accurate list available, every game on the list is proven to exist with pics. Some lists you might find have tons of games that are flat out wrong or just speculation, this list is 100% confirmed. This does not mean that the list has every game to ever appear in cardboard, their may be other and variants we have not seen. This list is a work in progress but given the sheer size of the list now and how many months we worked on it, I can't imagine we are missing many if any. Okay so that the trailer for a post hopefully coming soon, which I have already started writing. The List
Now let me stick it to you.
As I have stated my current collecting goals is to complete the Sega Library, I have been pretty heavily entrenched in Genesis for the last few months; as such, I have found a few stickers on games. I thought I'd share my findings, and ask you guys what stickers you have found?
Okay here is a big one found on the very rare Sonic 2 cart from the cardboard hangtab box, and College Football 2 cardboard with the white insert.
Check out this sticker on the standard edition of Double Dragon, I have one with it and one without. Photobucket
Oh and how about a variant of that sticker found on other Accolade games but not all the accolade games.I found at least warp speed and summer challenge to have this sticker version. You can see here that the double dragon sticker is not connected to the label art while Warp Speed has the sticker built into the art. Photobucket
Here is one that will stick with you. Captain America with Pin.
Telling you about this group of games is rather sporting of me. The EA limited Edition First Round Sticker that is on the cover of many of their games is both a variant and a sticker. Only Madden 94 is shown but this sticker appears on all EA sports games from 92-94 so look out for these titles: Tony Larussa Baseball, NHL 94, NBA Showdown 94,Madden 94, PGA Pour Tour 2, NHL Hockey 93, Bulls Vs Blazers, and Team USA Basketball. Photobucket

Now that I have my thoughts in a row, I figured I'd line up one last one for you. Columns Sega Classic CB. I know this sticker looks similar to the College Football 2 one, but it is not the same, this one has a black circle around the Sega logo

Thank You for reading and Please share your finds.