Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Sega 32x Complete Collection Video

This is a just a quick post to show you I took a video of my complete US Sega 32x collection(The video is at the bottom) and also to talk a little bit about the 32x. This video is also as much about showing off the library, as it is practicing with iMOVIE, which I hope to use to compose all future videos. A little bit about the 32x or what I like to call the worlds hardest system to connect. The way you set up a 32x and which Genesis systems it is compatible with varies. So before you go all willy nilly trying to connect one google how it's done. It is pretty sad that I am suggesting people Google how to set up the frankenstein console but reality is a harsh master.
I found that photo in a Sega forum, and I feel it perfectly captures the 16bit era for Sega. The 32x doesn't have too many any all-star titles or must own games, what it does have is a severe lack of a proper Sonic title, which might have helped move the system, it also has games you can play on other Sega Systems: Night Trap, Slam City, Brutal, WWF, Mortal Kombat, Pitfall, you get they idea. For a system with so few titles it has a lot of ports, no Sonic and two WWF games. It isn't all bad, it does add some beef to the processor, and better sound but most feel that the games weren't getting enough of an improvement to warrant buying one.  I don't want to get to in depth about the system, for that you can go here .   Let me tell you what this systems offers for collectors, since I pretty much just panned it as a gaming rig. The 32x has a small library of games 36 (in the video you hear me say 39 but that is counting the 3 non US releases), that aren't to difficult to find and only really has 3 expensive titles.  The expensive ones are Spider-Man: Web of Fire, Pitfall, and World Series Baseball with Deion Sanders. These titles can be had for prices ranging from $90 to $200 (These prices are trending upwards at the momen), and anyone digging in eBay and patrolling forums can do better. This was the first set outside individual game series I completed and it felt really good to check that box. Collecting complete libraries is a daunting and expensive task, the 32x is a great way to get one if that is what you are after, also the yellow boxes really standout on a shelf.

I wanted to add a few notes to this blog after some discussion on various Sega forums. 1: The total library might actually be 40, a rare Sega Tec Toys 32x version of Surgical Strike is known to exist, but it is not known if it had release beyond that of production model. 2: With regard to the library again, the 3 world titles are Sangokushi 4 (jp), Darxide (eu), and Fifa 96 (eu).

I hope you enjoy seeing another piece of my collection and good luck hunting.

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