Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Complete Sega Checklists Posted and Numbers Adjusted

As stated in my first post my goal is to complete the US Sega Console library. With that goal in mind I posted a Running Tallies Section on the side of this blog for you guys to see my progress. I slacked for a good long while on updating them, but that is taken care of now. I have also been doing a lot of research and I noticed my numbers were off on a few systems so I have adjusted them. While it is nice to have numbers, I thought it would be even better if you could see my lists so I am posting links to the google docs . After the links you will see a brief explaination of how I arrived at my numbers and what my criteria are.
Sega Master System
Sega Genesis
Sega 32X and Pico
Sega CD
Sega Saturn
Sega Dreamcast
To have a complete set for me that means one of every game title for each Sega System. Why the distinction? Well lets look at the Sega 6 pack.
and Compilations in general:
This compilation has several great titles in it, and all of them were individually released. This means to complete my set I need one of each of the 6 games listed and The Sega 6 Pack. I feel like most collectors view it the same way I do but I know a few who don't. Now lets consider variants like Raiden Trad for the Genesis. It came with two covers because Big Net decided to rerelease it with more exciting art.
 Variants: variants it is the same title, so I wouldn't have to pick up both versions (but I will) for it to count for the complete set. For the Genesis I also excluded the Mega Hit, Video Game Classics, and Sega Classic Series games. While I consider them additional games or subsets at the very least some collectors feel they are just variants. If I find some others that strongly disagree I will reincorporate them. In the alpha tabs on the Genesis list these games are listed.
Not For Resale titles: These are also not counted toward the final number, unless NFR was the only way in which the game was release an example would be Daytona USA NetLink Edition.
I hope this clears up how I got my numbers, also you guys should note that for the Sega Saturn I counted the two games that came with the Netlink modem as individual titles.

 These list aren't prefect I am sure of that, so if you see some errors or something I missed feel free to let me know and I hope this helps.


  1. Have you done any research on the number of Game Gear games released?

    1. Personally I have not. I am in touch with the one person in the world I would say knows more about Game Gear collecting than anyone else. His collection and research is staggering and I would trust anything he says on the matter. I am currently about 40 GameGear games away. What are you looking to find out?