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Genesis Cardboard Boxes: A Complete Set?

Part 1 of the Sega Genesis Cardboard Box Complete Collection Video
Part 2 of the Sega Genesis Cardboard Box Complete Collection Video
(Before I go Further I would like to thank SegeAge.Com and a several of its members especially Brad aka WRK. Without them and their efforts this post would not be possible - Thank You)
So after over a year of research, which involved countless Google searches, forum discussions, and more eBay trolling than is healthy I can now say that I have a complete set of Cardboard Box Genesis Titles. I believe I am the first person to accomplish this feat, not because I am amazing but because I had help and I was very dedicated. Another huge factor was that I wasn't really competing against anyone to do this. It is not often in Retro Game Collecting you get to break new ground, so this list is very exciting to me on that level. I think this is an amazing achievement, but before we start jumping up and down and hugging let me tell you I can say that with about 90% certainty that others will be found. When I first started writing this post back in October it started with the same opening sentence and then went on to give the total number of games that came in Cardboard Boxes. The number  when I first started this post was 183, and before I could finish my first paragraph I was alerted to a game not on my list and the total jumped to 184. The timing was a bit too perfect, so for the sake of being thorough I decided to wait a little longer before finishing this post. Waiting would allow me to see if I could find any others I had missed, even though I had already put months of research into the topic. Turns out I missed quite a bit. By December the total had climbed to 190 by Feb it had jumped to 199 and in March I realized I had omitted one title that had been on earlier list and that brought the grand total to a round 200.

So 200 is the Final Number? Right? 
Well that's a tough question, I think it is important to discuss how this number was achieved and what games it counts. Here is a link to the Master List I use. Now that you have access to the list, and if you are looking, you will see that it is full of variants/duplicates and some games that are debatable. I will discuss those at length, I will also discuss how my Google doc is arranged, why some games made it onto the list and why others did not. I will also explain just how likely it is that other games will be added to this list.
From here on out I will assume everyone is looking at the list.

Why are some games not on the list?
Some of you might think you know of a game or heard of a game that came in Cardboard (CB) that is not currently on the list, you might be curious why it hasn't been mentioned or how it was missed. Let me say this, I would love any info you have. If you email me or leave a comment about a game that isn't on the list I will gladly give you the credit for it's find, but I require proof. What kind of Proof? Let me respond in a way that is customary to the Internet.

Variants and Duplicates
On the list you will see many games that appear to be duplicates but really they are variants. In fact if you look at the very first game on the list 6-Pack you will see it is listed twice once with an (f) at the end and the other with an (s) at the end. The letters in parentheses indicate the box type, F being Flip Top and S meaning Slide Box. These Box types were discussed in my previous post which you can see here. If you are using my list for your collecting purposes please adapt it however you want. Just because I point out that 6-Pack has two versions in CB doesn't you need to have both to complete your set. I show all the variants I have found to give everyone the most accurate data available. I personally have collected all the variants listed but that's just me.

Debatable Games
The Big one I know people like to argue about is Outback Joey, but I have had questions about Miracle Piano, The Carmen Sandiego Games,Maximum Carnage QVC, The Accolade titles, Wisdom Tree Games, and even Wacky Worlds. To those who say these don't belong on the list please know I am not here to argue with you. I have mentioned before that I don't mind if you take my list copy it and edit it to suit your purposes. Now with that in mind please understand this list suits my purpose. That purpose so we are clear is information. I try to put out as much info as I can, take what you want and leave the rest. For the specific titles above let me offer you my reasoning.
Outback Joey: Some people will say OJ is not a Genesis title, even though it runs on a Genesis, comes in a Genesis cart, was released during the Genesis life cycle and says Sega on the Box and Cart. I am not sure how it is described in the literature that comes with it but I will check. They also argue that under my logic any Not For Resale game that came packed in with a system should be included, because the game was essential packed in a big Cardboard box. I see their point, but OJ was only found with the fitness system so I feel hard pressed not to include it. For me and mind you I am biased, OJ is a Genesis title and should get the respect it deserves.
Some people argue that Miracle Piano and OJ shouldn't be on the list not because they aren't Genesis games but because they didn't come cart only, they are packed into accessories. These people believe that Cardboard Box games should be games that had a box dedicated to the game only, the carts for Miracle Piano and OJ are more like accessories to accessories. This is the rational I have heard, I disagree but for arguments sake I present it to you.
Big Box Games: Games like the Carmen Sandiego titles, Mario Lemieux with Puck, and QVC Max Carnage are probably the most questionable games on the list. These games actually have plastic clam-shell cases that are packed into a bigger outer cardboard box. I would find it totally reasonable to leave them off your list.
Accolade and Wisdom Tree Games: The debate about these games come not from the box, they are very clearly Cardboard but from the lack of the official Sega Seal. I think people are really splitting hairs on these games, call them unlicensed if you like but these were released during the life cycle of the Genesis for the play on the Genesis, they have earned there place. Some people say "what about Pier Solar? why is that excluded it's the same thing as any Wisdom Tree Game. A few things, one it is way better than any Wisdom Tree game or Accolade game for that matter ( I like RPGs). Two and here is my real reason, Pier Solar was not released during the life cycle of the system. I have been consistent with this personal rule on every system I collect for. Double check my Sega CD List and Complete Sega CD Collection Video if you doubt it. Pier Solar is wonderful and you should buy (buy it here) it if you like RPGs, but it is not going on my list.
How is the Google Doc Arranged?
The arrangement for the Google Doc is easy enough to understand. The first tab has an intro to the list, Contributors, and Key that explains box types. It also has has under those first few blocks a revision block. This space lists all revisions and recent editions made to the list. Under these blocks we get to the meat of the list. The first column is the Master List, it lists all games in alphabetical order regardless of box type. The Second Major column is games that I believe only came in Cardboard Boxes, and the Third Column lists games that I think also came in plastic clam-shells.
The Second Tab has the games broken down by box types. Some of the info has yet to be updated as this list is always a work in progress. The box type separates all the variants, and but still has all games listed alphabetically. Some of the lists in the second tab contain overlap, for instance, if you look at Bible Adventure you will see it listed as both a Genesis Flip Top and also as an Wisdom Tree game. The Second Tab is mainly for my purposes but I know some of you are just as anal as me and want them all listed separately, so enjoy.
How likely it is that other games will be added to this list?
While I have been diligent and looked high and low across the internet, it saddens me to say that this number will most likely increase. Many games had very limited print runs in Cardboard, Tin Head, Battletoads, and Power Rangers Mega Hit to name a few. It took me a long time just to confirm they existed even though I had been told from multiple sources. It stands to reason that a few titles in limited runs have escaped my rather narrow view of the Sega Landscape. Another problem with keeping this number consistent is the type of variants. Many games have multiple versions: Slide Tray and Flip Tops, see 6- Pack or The Adv of Batman and Robin for examples. It is not always easy to tell in photos which version of a game you are looking at. I have double checked most games to see if I can find multiple versions but my primary source is eBay and the results vary every single day. I won't be shocked to see more of these types of variants pop up, and I have no doubt this will be the most common addition to the list.
Please enjoy the list and I hope you find it useful. Remember every game on the master list has a photo link attached. If you have any question please let me know.

As Always Thank You Reading

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    John Madden Football seems not to be released exclusively as Cardboard Box:


    Greets Mr. Saturn

    1. True. Thanks for posting. I debated this game a few times and ultimately never found proof I loved, until about a year ago. I need to update that whole list as it is not enteriely accurate as far as exclusives go. Many specualte that all of the EA games had hard cases. It seems possible

    2. And you state Pac-Man 2 as Flip Top, although it is only available as Slide :)

    3. That is just a typo, if you look at the pic clearly its a slide

    4. but thanks for letting me know it has been corrected

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