Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Nintendo Vs. Sega: Shifting Gears

Greeting readers, I know it has been a good long while since I made a post, but the summer is my busiest time at work and I just did not have the time or energy to do an update. A failure on my part most definitely.  I want to right this wrong by giving you this brief update.

Just because I haven't been posting doesn't mean I have been collecting. If you look at the numbers columns and my top wants you will see that some interesting things have happened.  I added Sega Pico, and I have completed that set. I completed Dreamcast, and Saturn has been done for awhile.  With the Genesis I  am a mere 20 something games away from the complete set. I have held off on finishing Genesis for a few reason, cost being the main reason, cost is misleading actually,  it is the cost of shipping. The games I need to finish off Genesis are roughly between 5 and 10 dollars each.  The problem is that I have purchase these games from individual resellers it has been very difficult for me to find anyone  selling more than one game I need. Buying $5 Genesis games and paying $5 shipping for each game just doesn't make much sense. I am not worried the value of the remaining games I need will spike so I have just been picking them up here and there. Another reason I have procrastinated on this front is, because once I finish Genesis I am done with all Sega Consoles and that is super sad. I have been asked about Game Gear and my answer to that is probably not, I just don't have much love for portable systems.  I have about 80 Game Gear games and I am fine with that, I have the ones I want, maybe in the future or maybe it is something I will do very slowly.

Since I am just about done with Sega that prompts the very natural question, What Next?  One of the major reasons I love collecting Sega is because of the learning that takes place, it is unlike Nintendo,in the fact that it still has secrets and unknowns, it hasn't been picked apart by thousands of people scutinizing every facet. Just because I am essential done with Sega does not mean suddenly I wont be picking up any new Sega items. I am still looking for new Cardboard boxes and Sega Variants, and I still have lots of stuff to discuss about that I learned while completing the US Sega Library. I also want to put out a few complete set videos  and some write ups for Pico, Saturn, and Dreamcast. To answer the whats is next question, Nintendo, with a sprinkle of Xbox.

Nintendo Vs. Sega Vs. Xbox
With Sega I wanted to experience a system I didn't have as a child and learn why the world loved Sega even if it was under appreciated in America. With Sega I wanted to complete every set I could, the time was right and so was the price. Nintendo is a different animal all together. The love that people have for Nintendo is fierce and overwhelming, if for no other reason the sheer number of people who love it, collect it, and are vocal about it. This love is also shown in the cost of the games, if you haven't noticed the cost for rare and uncommon games is very high. I loved Nintendo as a child, I owned a NES when I was 5, I purchased a SNES with my own money the day it came out. The N64 came out right as I became an adult and had started dabbling with Playstation. I had a subscription to Nintendo Power from issue one, and I credit that magazine for helping me become a life long reader. The point being, is I have a lot of Nintendo knowledge and history so I won't be able to write the same way about Nintendo as I did about Sega, I have too many notions, biases, and inclinations that were deeply rooted in me during my developmental years. With Sega I can be completely honest and objective when  I write or speak to people who want to discuss it. I have a lot of love for Sega but very little nostalgia, so my judgment isn't clouded when I am asked to speak about it. My focus for Nintendo is going back and purchasing the things I love not necessarily complete sets. I plan on highlighting some publishers and retreading some areas that have already been explored.   A lot of what I collect for Nintendo is RPGs so I will have to highlight those at some point, but my first focus is going to be on the N64 the Nintendo System I know the least about. My current focus is getting an accurate list for the Player's Choice Titles,  the data out their is woefully bad, but that is still in the works and article for another day. The Xbox I don't have clear direction yet, but the idea of buying for a system that you can still find easily in the wild is appealing , and the fact that I only know this system through the eyes of  an adult is compelling.

Okay so this post wasn't as brief as I had hoped, but alas earwax. When I started this blog  I wanted it to be universal, talking about collecting in a way that didn't sound like some random fanboy shouting his opinions. I am an inclusive gamer that loves great games regardless of  the system it was published on. I hope the shifting of gears on GameOver doesn't turn away any of you who liked the Sega-centric view this blog had. I hope to get some more updates out soon and maybe finally show a room of doom video so you can see many systems  and games I have collected over the years.

As Always, Thank You for Reading.

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  1. Thanks for the update.

    Instead of Nintendo and X Box, why not think about playing and collecting TurboGrafx-16 and/or PC Engine?

    Since you enjoy the older systems, I really think that you would enjoy the TurboGrafx. If you get a region-modded Duo with a Duo System Arcade Card, then you can play ALL of the U.S. and Japanese HuCard and CD games (which is about 800-1,000 or so). There are really a lot of great games that people have never played or even heard of just because they were never introduced to the system. Collecting for the systems is fun, although finding much in the wild is getting harder and harder and for some of the more rare games, the prices have gone up, but at least there are still many, many good games that are not too expensive.

    Just a thought.

    1. I actually have a really nice Turbo Duo and TG Express with about 20 games. I have played through a few of them and I do enjoy the system. As far as collecting it I would really need to stumble across a gem to push me into picking up all the rare stuff. I did get a really nice Beyond Shadowgate for 40 bucks like 4 years ago. As far as modding it or foreign titles I don't get into that much. I do enjoy being able to hunt for games in the wild and in truth I almost bought a huge TG collection on eBay for 8k. I decided instead to take my wife to Disney World and buy a few Nintendo games. Thanks for the comments and never hesitate to make a suggestion I love to hear from anyone who read my blog.

  2. Well, it's good to hear that you have a Turbo Duo and a TG Express. You are doing yourself a disservice though, if you are completely dismissing the Japanese-released PC Engine games. The PC Engine CD games are completely playable on a U.S. Duo, because at the time that the system came out, copying CDs was so cost-prohibitive that there was no copy or region protection put on the CD games, so the Japanese CD games can be played on a U.S. system and vice versa. There are many many of the Japanese-released PC Engine CD games which may be played and enjoyed perfectly fine with absolutely no knowledge of the Japanese language. (This is me.) Also, if you go on the forum, you can find several modders who can region-mod your console fairly cheaply to be able to play the Japanese-release HuCard games if you want to do so. Check that forum out sometime - there's a lot of Turbo info there that you might enjoy.

    Anyway, I highly recommend that you revisit the idea of delving into Turbo collecting. There's a lot of absolutely great games out there waiting for you to discover!

    - Now, if you choose not to do so, and you choose to just let your Turbo stuff drift in the doldrums then I would love to get a crack at helping you to invest in whatever you choose to pursue by offering to trade/buy some of your Turbo games from you that I need for my own Turbo collection (such as Beyond Shadowgate). :P
    Here's my (mostly updated) TG-16/PC Engine collection, if you wish to peruse it.

    No, really I do hope that you consider the TG-16. I do enjoy your blog, and I hope that you can post with some regularity.