Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Complete Nintendo Virtual Boy Set (Video Included)

I recently completed my first Nintendo Set, and also recently I saw this article  Oculus Rift on Kotaku.com.  It feels like fate...or coincidence, or irony, and migraines. All of these feelings can only
mean one thing.


If you love hot red on black, or black on red action, the Virtual Boy is your ticket to heaven. The Virtual Boy used vector graphics and the parallax effect to simulate 3D, poorly. The system only released 14 games in the US, in what I will kindly call a limited run. What's not to love about a system that couldn't even survive one year in the US or Japan? Think about that for a second, even the Wonder Swan, which you have never heard of, lasted longer. The Apple Bandai Pippin sold less units but had a similar run.To put this in perspective the iPhone 5 sold more units in 1 hour then either of these systems managed in their lifetimes.

 Sow how did Nintendo drop such a deuce? It wasn't one thing, it was the culmination of many failures creating one big fail. To look at just the surface, they called it a portable system. This statement isn't actually true. I'd love to see people trying to take this out of their home and play. Another reason is the games, while not terrible the library leaves much to be desired, like a proper Mario or Zelda.  Need more?  Battery Life. Fake 3D. You can't be comfortable and play it. Red on Black graphics are a terrible idea. This system has the distinction of making Double D's a bad thing.  The DD's I am referring to is of course on the controller. No games really utilized this, and  to be fair they had under a year, which isn't enough time.   

If this write up really wets your whistle for the Virtual Boy get out there and start hunting. Prices on VB stuff has been going up, but it is a fairly easy and accessible system to collect for. If you want a bigger challenge go for the the JP set, the entry fee is much higher. 

US Game List 
3D Tetris
Galactic Pinball
Jack Brothers
Mario Clahs
Mario Tennis
Nester's Funky Bowling (really puts the FU in Funky)
Panic Bomber
Red Alarm
Vertical Force
Virtual League Baseball
Wario Land

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