Wednesday, April 2, 2014

My Top 50 Favorite Games, err I mean 60 (Nintendo, Sega, Xbox, Playstation, PC)

So here it is the list, and a third post in under 14 days.

A Minor Preamble:
This list is divided by generations, beginning with Nintendo (NES) and ending with current gen systems like Xbox 360 and the PS3. All games are listed alphabetically in their generation. The idea of trying to rank these individually even by generation makes me want to run screaming from the room. This list was hard to write. To begin I started listing games I thought were really good and when I looked up I had over 100, after double checking my collection and some online lists I was over 150. After scratching many games from the list I was at 100 but that is still too many, I was determined to reduce that number by half. Getting the number to 50 proved impossible so I settled at 60.

My Favorite Games:
8 Bit16 Bit32/64 BitLast GenCurrent Gen
Castlevania 2: SImon's QuestCastle of IllusionBaldurs Gate 2City of Heroes / VilliansArkham City
CrystalisChronoTriggerCastlevania: Symphony of the NightEternal DarknessBioshock
Dragon Warrior 3Crusader of CentyChronoCrossKingdom HeartsBioShock: Infinite
Dragon Warrior 4Final Fantasy 2 /4Final Fantasy 7Knights of the Old RepublicCastlevania: Mirror of Fate
FaxanaduFinal Fantasy 3 / 6Shining Force 3Metroid PrimeCastlevania: Lords of Shadow
Final FantasySecret of ManaWave RaceNinja Gaiden BlackLast of Us
Goonies 2Shining Force 1Zelda: Ocarina of TimeOnimushaLego Harry Potter Years 1-4
Legend of ZeldaShining Force 2PyschonautsMass Effect 2
Little SamsonSuper Empire Stikes BackResident Evil 4Portal
MetroidSuper Mario WorldShadow of the ColussusPortal 2
RygarSuper MetroidSuper Smash BrosShadow Complex
ShadowgateZelda Link to the PastSuper Mario Galaxy
Super Mario BrothersTomb Raider (2013)
Zelda II: The Adventure of LinkUncharted
Uncharted 2

Zelda Twilight Princess

Somethings you might notice about my list.
I use to play a lot of RPG's, but as I get older I have less time for games that take 100 hours. I love sequels and series. I like adventure games. You don't see many Shmups, but that doesn't mean I don't like any, same goes for FPS. I am not a fan of RTS games. Not many PC games are on the list but that is because I didn't have a PC until I was an adult. I didn't play many games in the 64 bit era because I was in college and the military, also I was in my early 20's and girls were far more interesting. Portable games didn't really make the cut, I didn't get my first Game Boy until after my first Xbox. I play modern games and while I love the classics, I love new games too. Zelda has 5 int he top 60, Castlevania has 4, and Final Fantasy has 4.5, counting Kingdom Hearts.

Somethings you wouldn't notice by reading this list.
I dislike most current JRPGs. Most of the expensive games I own are not on this list. I am a sucker for Star Wars games. I own all the games on this list CIB. Ocarina of Time is not my favorite Zelda and Final Fantasy 7 is not my favorite Final Fantasy. Out of the 60 games on this list I own multiple versions of 40 of them. I think games from the 32/64 bit era hold up the worst. If my wife made this list it would be made up of Pokemon, Pikmin, and Mario games. The least known game on this list is probably Crusader of Centy for the Sega Genesis. The game most people are probably questioning is Lego Harry Potter, but I love Lego and Harry Potter so this is a big win for me. I have a perfect gamer score on Bioshock and beat Ninja Gaiden Black on hard.


  1. Nice!
    3 posts this close together... You're on a roll!
    Thanks for the list of your favorite games. If I were to make an equivalent list of my favorite games, there would definitely be several of the same ones from the 8 & 16-bit eras on my list. (In my list of my 60 favorite games, there would probably only be 2 PC games after the 16-bit era (Warcraft II & Age of Empires. I actually pretty much play only 8 & 16-bit games nowadays when I find the time.)

    1. Now it's 4. I am beside myself.I love games from 8 and 16bit era I am very much into narrative based games, hence all the RPGs on my list. Some games are listed due to the greater experience that surrounds them. Look at Rygar, I played that game over two days in a tiny room with 2 cousins and my uncle. That experience makes me love Rygar, if I could some how unlink the two maybe Rygar wouldn't make the list, but I can't, so there it sits.