Tuesday, September 30, 2014

October is Here, 31 posts in 31 Days. Games That Make Me Think of Halloween

October is finally upon us, and depending where you live so is fall. I live in Southern California, so it is more like Summer Part 2. Despite the lack of falling leaves, Autumnal chill, and the rusty brown and burnt orange colors traditionally associated with this time, this is still my favorite season. October is hands down my favorite month, and Halloween is my favorite holiday.

I am sure you are thinking, "great, he loves October, but what does that have to do with games?" Well, first don't be so impatient I am getting there, Second it has a lot to do with games. I am doing a post a day for the whole month of October that will feature a game I associate with Halloween. Lots of websites will do lists of the 10 or 13 scariest games, but that is not what my posts are about.  This is a personal list, and not meant to a definitive list of the best, scariest, or only Halloween games. How scary these games are is not really a factor. These are games I link to Halloween, some will be Halloween themed, but not scary, and some might be scary, but have nothing to do with Halloween, some choices you might not get at all.

Like most kids, in the 80's / 90's I got video games twice a year Xmas, and my Birthday. Given that my birthday is in October, it made October and the time leading up to a Christmas golden period for gaming. Some of that gold is in this list.

First post rolls out tomorrow, and if I am lucky and vigilant I will get all 31 finished. Most of these will be short posts that feature a picture of the game with a few notes. On each Friday I will try to feature something a little more obscure or rare and give it a deeper write up.

What games do you associate with Halloween? I would love to know.

Taken from http://stylebycat.blogspot.com/2011/10/jack-o-lanterns.html

31 Left

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  1. Looking forward to your choices, man.

    One per day, huh?
    I'll be vigilant, so don't let us down!