Thursday, January 8, 2015

New Retro Game Collecting Podcast: Collector's Quest. I talk about collecting.

Typically I take a break from all things retro during this time of the year, but I have done a terrible job. I have been buying games and I even sat down with Robert Downey of Do-Gooder Gamers (A collective of charitable gamers looking to make a difference, and have fun while doing it.) on his podcast Collector's Quest to talk about the process of collecting games, types of collectors, and some other basic collecting information.

In a landscape littered with hundreds of video game podcasts and YouTube channels what is interesting about Collector's Quest is that Robert/Bobby is not currently a collector. While he is a passionate and informed gaming enthusiast for retro and modern games he is a a total novice when it comes to the world of collecting. Join him on his quest to see if collecting is right for him. I am not sure how many episodes I will do with him but I look forward to seeing where it goes.

Listen to Episode 2  (I think we hit a good stride here and is a better episode overall)

Listen to Episode 1  (A good start with good info but not as refined as episode 2, stick with it)

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