Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Collector's Quest Returns

The Collector's Quest Podcast has returned after a 6 month hiatus, and things have changed.

1.The biggest change is that we have a new host, Bobby the former host had to leave for work reasons, the new host is Kat, she is an awesome collector and you can find her on Instagram at Katslevania.

2. The old links you had for SoundCloud and iTunes are no good. Please find and listen to the Podcast at I hope to have us back at the old iTunes link soon, but if that doesn't work I will get everyone the new one.

3. The goal, originally the podcast was formatted in such a way that Bobby asked me a ton of question about collecting and I handed out tips and talked about what it is like to be collector. All of that was fine, but it was just my POV, we now have two collectors, so double the knowledge double the power, and to add to that we are bringing on other collectors as guests to share what they know as well. More Better

The goal of the show is still the same. We want to talk about collecting for multiple system and share our experience and thoughts, we want to chat about games, we want to have some fun talking about this think that is taking up our free time and money.

As always, Thank you for reading and hopefully listening


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