Sunday, April 17, 2016

Collector's Quest Episode 27: NES Value Charts

These are the charts we discuss in episode 26. The charts show Video Game Price Charts (VGCP) value for the top NES games, both loose and CIB, and they also show the current eBay price as determined by recent sold auctions. The True CIB and True Loose columns show my determined value, based on experience, forum prices, and of course the VGCP and eBay price already listed. The final column is the % of the total value of a CIB game that the cart makes up. Example, if a CIB game is 100 dollars, and the loose cart sells for 60, the cart % of the value is 60%

The second chart: Carts With Values Close To CIB is entirely derived from the VGPC. The VGPC has is a nice guide to pricing but not the end all be all in determining value. Please take this chart with a  grain of salt, and use it to establish a way of thinking rather than a definitive answer.

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