Thursday, January 3, 2013

Complete US Sega Console Library CIB. Complete Sets Goal Achieved 100%

Welcome to 2013, the first year in the last 9 or so years where I will not be hunting for Sega Games (not completely true I have a few variants and upgrades to buy).  What a long haul it has been, the way I collect has changed so drastically since this quest first began. When I started I was just a nostalgia collector mainly looking for Nintendo games. Now I guess you could call me a hardcore collector with a pretty decent collection.

This includes complete sets for: Master System, Genesis, Sega CD, 32X, Pico, Saturn, and Dreamcast.

Please enjoy the pics and questions I answered below.

The Set.
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Individual Pics
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Bonus Pic: My Whole Office
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I wanted to answer a few question from various forums I have gotten about my sets.

How long did this take?
I have actually been collecting Genesis and Sega in general for about 9 years (started the blog when I made it my goal to have get all of them), now this is not to say hardcore collecting. I got very fortunate when I first started collecting and picked up a lot of 200 Genny games for about $100. I also live close to a very large game store that has good prices, and I also found a few other great garage sale and craigslist lots. You wont believe it but Id say more than half my Genesis collection was found in wild. I am looking at my database and the number is actually more than 70% for Genesis.

Hey what about Game Gear?
This is console sets only, I don't know if I will do GG or not. Why? I just never really loved portable systems.

What is my Favorite Set?
The Saturn is my fav Sega console and my least fav is the Dreamcast. Don't despair DC lovers, I mean no disrespect. I love RPG's and Adventure games, and I find the DC to be lacking in those. Now if I loved Fighters and SHMUPS the DC would be tops.

What set do I take the most pride in completing?
I have the most pride in completing my Genesis Cardboard Box set becuase without my research and the reseaerch of some friends we wouldn't even know what that set contained. I made a blog all about it. Aside from that I take a good deal of pride in my Sega CD set for similar reasons. The Sega CD lists a few years ago were full of errors, a few of us on Sega Age sat down and figured out what is really in the set, what variants it has, and is hard to find.

What is my Favorite Game?
My favorite game, more like series for any Sega console is Shining Force. True story I played Shining Force 1 for 36 hours straight. My cousins and I rented it from Blockbuster on New Year Eve back in 1993. The problem was the save battery didn't work, which I found out the hard way. I decided I had to beat it, and then stayed up for the next 36 hours, while my family kind of cheered me on. They want as far as to bring me drinks, and my dinner. It was awesome.

Which Set was hardest to complete? many games 700+

What is the rarest / most expensive?
I really hesitate to say game X is rare, and game Y is just uncommon. I also don't like to sling prices around. I can tell you with confidence though that Outback Joey is by far the rarest game.

What's next?
Next up is Nintendo 64, where oddly enough I am 64 games away.  I am  also about 10 or so PS1 Long Boxes away from a complete set so I'll knock that one out too.

Thank You for reading and sharing my journey.

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  1. Great accomplishment!

    Don't forget about the TurbogGrafx-16. I think that if you'll spend a little time with it, that you'll fall in love with it.

  2. TurboGrafix and TurboDuo would be such a challenge. There was an insane number of games that barely saw the light of day for those systems. Just identifying what you are missing might be just as difficult as finding them,

  3. I see Snatcher.

    I am both angry at and impressed by this collection. Good job. I hate you.

  4. Also, you have to lay Sega CD/Saturn games on their side a certain way or the booklet will bend due to being so heavy. Always lay the cases face down.

    1. Most of the ones that are laying flat are laying cover down as to avoid the bending, also they all have a layer of bubble, but I thank you for looking out

  5. @Tony,

    That statement is a complete misconception. The TurboGrafx-16/TurboDuo game collection is actually one of the easier video game sets to collect for. There are less than 150 games total for the TurboGrafx-16. (This includes 94 HuCard games, 1 label variant HuCard game, 2 HuCard system cards, 44 licensed CD games, and a few - less than 10 - unlicensed/homebrew CD games.

    1. Maybe it is a total misconception but it seems like it would be hard. The volume isn't scary at all, total its on par with Saturn. I need to do some more research on it, I am never sure when a TG16/CD game is complete. I think i would be content with jewel case and HU and manual, but didn't some of them not have lables on the spine, I know I have seen custom labels. Bard when you have time one day you should give me a TG16 lesson

    2. Well, here is a picture listing of all of the TurboGrafx-16 licensed games with all of the pre-2012 unlicensed homebrew releases.

      This listing includes the boxes, manuals, posters, inserts, etc, but you could simply collect a gamer's set of HuCard only if you want to. (For the CD games, it's hard to find them without the manual and cases anyway.

      What you need to do is play some of the games, so you ought to plan to find a recapped, region-modded PC Engine Duo. (This should cost you around $190-240 shipped. I can help you with this if you like, or you can join and find lots of information and good deals.) With no additional ram cards/attachments, or anything, this system will be able to play all of the U.S.-released TurboGrafx-16 games and all but about 20 of the PC Engine games. Purchasing a region-modded PC Engine Duo will be cheaper than buying an actual TurboGrafx-16 with CD drive or a TurboGrafx-16 Duo, and it will allow you to play some of the GREAT PC Engine games which were not released in the U.S. Then you can pick up some of the good and cheap games to play and 'get a feel' for the system. (A few of the cheap good ones are - Alien Crush, Blazing Lazers, Bonk's Adventure, Bonk's Revenge, Buster Bros, Devil's Crush, Legendary Axe I and II, R-Type, Sidearms, Splash Lake. All of these are excellent games and can be had with manual and jewel case for $8-20 or with box for $20-45. There are many more game which are not expensive, I just picked some of the TG-16 fan favorites.)

      TG-16 Lesson 2 later...

  6. Very nice! Do you have a YouTube channel?

    1. Thanks, and I do

  7. Nice! Are you gonna include the Sega reactor/Sega Arcade motion since it went to the US and was a licensed Sega Console that had genesis games and new games that was in it. Also the US version was called the Sega Arcade Motion since your collecting US Sega stuff and this console came out in 2010.