Monday, September 30, 2013

Sega Genesis Cardboard Box Reproduction Inserts - Review

Some people who read this blog and frequent Sega Age may have seen that a new product has hit the market, well a new old product. I am of course talking about Sega Genesis Cardboard Box Reproduction Inserts (that is a mouthful). When I first learned of these I was immediately curious, as I am sure many people who own Genesis CB (cardboard) games were. My curiousity lead to a purchase, which lead to the video review below.

I know that some people are conflicted about these, others are down right insulted, and some are fist pumping the air and cackling like mad men knowing that they can finally display some of their otherwise beat to hell CB games. All of these are valid responses. I am not here to to tell you if this is right or wrong or engage in a moral debate. For the record I did not create these, I am not a salesman for them, and I get no kickbacks, I am simply sharing what I found. Please feel free to post your thoughts for or against I welcome healthy debate.

If  you wish to purchase these I bought mine from eBay here is the Link. I have only had one transaction, but their feedback is good. I can tell you that I have dealt with Wal R' US games at on other purchases and have found him to be a very reputable seller that I would recommend. You can find the repro inserts on his front page.

This video was done quickly so forgive its roughness.

Thank you for reading and watching


  1. Kind of odd that you link to UncleTusk's product and not the one that you're actually reviewing. As I'm aware both products exist I understood your endorsement of UncleTusk's work, but it might be good to also include a link to the eBay seller's product as they more affordable, not to mention you seem satisfied with them.

    1. Well Uncle Tusk is a real shop, auction links die, sellers change The bigger factor is I don't know the seller on ebay outside of one transaction, which really isn't enough for me to fully endorse. I have bought from Wal R US 5 several times always to good results. I say in my video I bought them from ebay and I am currently satisfied but if the people want to know.

      Here is a link for anyone who wants the ones from ebay, I have only had one transaction with this seller but their feedback is good.