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The Hobbit Denny's Menu (Lord of the Rings) Off Topic

Around the Holiday's  (Oct - Jan) I tend to take a break from videogame collecting, however I still like finding time to write a blog entry or two.

If I am not going to talk about games WTF am I doing here?
Well anyone who regular reads this blog (all four of you) knows I tend to swing off topic from time to time. This is one of those moments. My friends and I are all Lord of the Rings / Hobbit fans, and are happily waiting for the The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug. We were amused and bemused last year that Denny's had some how acquired the rights to do a Hobbit Menu. I am not a fan of Denny's but I was snookered and decided to go and see what it was all about. The food had a few funny names but overall was kind of generic, not horrible but nothing to write a blog about.....Shit.

This seemed very much like a missed opportunity. When Denny's announced they were bringing back the Hobbit menu I was curious to see if they would make any improvements.

The answer is no, not significant ones. I have been joking with my friends for a year that they should have Radagast the Hash Brown on menu, and that if I had done the menu it would have been funny, even if the food wasn't very good. Well my friends got tired of my rant and told me to write up a Hobbit / LOTR themed food list. So I did, and it has been a fun mental game trying to come up with clever food names. 
Check it out my write up below, please add your own and feel free to use any of these name for your Hobbit themed parties.

If this menu was real you might find yourself on an unexpected Denny's.

Come to Denny's and support  The Desolation of Smaug - Now in Theaters- by dining on our Desolation of Hunger Menu. Hobbit sized prices for your dragon sized appetite.

Featuring our Desolation of Hunger Slam
3 eggs, 3 Shire Sausage, 3  Pumpkin Harvest Pancakes and our famous Radagast the hash-Browns

Second Breakfast
Gandalf the Egg White Omelet

Elevensies - An unending soup bowl
Ere-Borscht - Our own special recipe, it can't be Beet!
TheUdon Noodle Soup
Denethor Beef Stew-ard of Gondor

Bilbo the Burglars - 3 Hobbit Sized Sliders made the way you like served with BombaDill Pickles - Spicy Dill Pickle rounds
RivenDill Pickles - A traditional Dill pickle wedge
Sam Wise Ham and Cheese - a toasted Sam-mich that tall and small will enjoy. 
Theodin King Crab Cakes

Helm's Deep Fried Chicken 
Shelob Kebob
Pear-egrin Took Salad

The Oneion Rings- A Mountain of  Doom delicious onion rings so good you won't want to share.
PO TA TOES - boiled or mashed
Ara-Corn on the Cob
Dragon's Hoard - A basket of Medallion fries or fresh cooked chips
Tom BombaDill Pickles
Shire Sausage
Radagast the Hash-Browns
Rice Sau-Roni
Bree & Crackers
Dol GulDoritos

Ale-owyn - for men and sheild maidens alike
Gimli's Gimlet
Long Bottom Loose Leaf Tea
Thorin Oaken Mead

Frod-Oatmeal Cookies
Hobbit Holes  (Donut Holes)
Mellon Cup - Big enough to share with a friend (Cup of seasonal melon and other fruits)

Come back for Mor-dor soon.

Check out this blog,  Food of the Shire for people who take their Hobbit food seriously.

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