Thursday, May 22, 2014

Pick ups 5/21/14 and a Hint at what set I am going to try and complete next.

Greeting Constant Reader,

I don't do many posts about my recent pick ups, but this one was kind of large so I figured I'd drop the pics on here and show you guys the next set I am going to try and finish, I guess it's not so much a hint as an obvious confession. Notice  though I did say try, I could very well get distracted, or if I get some good trades hopefully I can finish that NES set I have been plugging away at. I am about 7 games from a PS1 Long Box set so I could get a wild hair and finish that, but as to what I am currently working at it's GameCube and NES, just like with Sith there can be only two. The Sith rule is a bit of a slap in the face to Highlander...just a random musing, as it is now well past my bed time.


Pics of my trades here

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