Friday, January 14, 2011

World 1-2: Collector Vs. Someone with a Bunch of Games

I think its important to make clear what I feel collecting is VS. someone who has a lot of games or just likes games (Players). You become a collector, in my eyes, the moment you buy a game you know you are never going to play or when you keep a game to fill a need. Most of the time those two reasons go hand in hand. Often times people will buy or keep games they don't like and you will hear statements like this "Well I have all three, so I guess I'll just keep Simon's Quest even though it's clearly the worst Castlevania I don't want to break the set". You may hear something more common like " UGHHHH I have to spend $12 on stupid Make My Video with Kriss Kross to complete my Sega CD set."

People who have a lot of games (Players) have different reasons for having games than collectors and their reasons are usually more clear. Players may keep their favorites titles, they keep games because they are going to replay them, or perhaps they still play certain titles. Some people with lots of games have them because they simply have the money. Excess money allows them to buy and try more game. This does not mean that collectors don't have some games for the same reason, but they have many more games that don't meet that criteria. For instance I have this gem in my library.

The difference is the feeling of need, or the emotional reasoning that is accompanied with keeping games that separates the collector from just a player. I have Barbie in my library because its kind of rare and its new and sealed, it has some value and when I decide to work on Playstation I am going to "NEED" it. Someone who has a lot of games probably doesn't just have this lying around. People who have a lot of games can become collectors, in fact I think having a lot of games makes you much more likely, because you obviously appreciate games and have invested lots of time into them. I started out just having games I liked being just your average player and then one day I decided I'd like to have all the games I ever liked, and then it grew again into I'd like to have every Sega CD game and every N64 game and all the RPGs on the SNES and now its 2000+ games and growing pretty much daily.

To boil down an overlong point: Collector = Need, while Player = Like. In my next installment I will take about collector types. Oh before I go, here is my latest find
Crusader of Centy in the wild and complete $25

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