Saturday, October 11, 2014

Games That Make You Think of Halloween Day 11: 11th Hour and the 7th Guest - PC

Day 11: 11th Hour and the 7th Guest - PC / IOS

The 7th Guest and its sequel 11th Hour are both made by Trilobyte and are interactive horror puzzle games. 7th Guest came out in 1993 and 11th Hour in 1995. As a teenage I had heard of both of these games and really wanted to play them, but I wouldn't own a  computer until 1996 and by then I had long since forgot about these two games. It wasn't until 2005 when my then girlfriend, now wife moved in with me that I would think about them again. In a box we unpacked she had the jewel case for 7th Guest. We tried to get it to run on our PC at the time but failed to get it going. It wouldn't be until it was released on the Ipad in 2010 that I would finally get to play and beat 7th Guest. While 7th Guest was pretty good and it really put me in the Halloween spirit, what I really wanted to play was 11th Hour as it had a better engine and vast improvements. Sadly 11th hour was canceled for the Ipad and is the only game that will appear in this series that I have not played.


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