Saturday, October 18, 2014

Games That Make You Think of Halloween Day 18: Friday the 13th - NES

Day 18: Friday the 13th - NES

Friday the 13th for the Nintendo was released in Feb 1989. I honestly don't recall the exact year or month I played it. This was not a game I owned but borrowed. The best part about this story is that I borrowed it from some kid I met while renting a cabin by a lake. I still haven't beaten this game and I am not sure if I ever had a firm grip on what I was suppose to do. What I remember most about this game, aside from feeling frustrated, is the game over screen which is amazing.

Here is a fun fact, this game was actually made by Atlus and only published by LJN. A classic horror franchise like this can't help but be associated with Halloween, and when you add to that one of the most memorable game over screens of all time; you have the reason it makes my list.

Freddy or Jason?


  1. Back then I worked briefly at a game rental store, and Friday the 13th for the NES was one of the games I took home with me during the weekend to learn how to play and give tips for customers (yeah, it was one of my job's attributions).
    It didn't catch my attention right away, but eventually it gripped me and I played it to the end. Unlike Mega Man III, which I played at the same time and was an eye-opener because I became a fan for life!

  2. I really never got a handle on this game as a kid, I just stumbled around stupidly as all the counslers and kids died.

    Mega Man 2 is the game that made me a fan of the series.