Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Games That Make You Think of Halloween Day 14: Vampire Night for Playstation 2

Day 14: Vampire Night - PS2

My love affair with light gun games began with Hogan Alley for the NES, but ended with Vampire Night for the PS2. Like many light gun games Vampire Night was an arcade port that came to the PS2. It was released in late 2001 but I purchased this game as a birthday present for myself in October 2003. Vampire Night marked the end of a long binge of light gun games I had been playing. The games in this binge were Dino Stalker, Time Crisis 2, and Ninja Assault. I also purchased Area 51, the PS1 version, but it was not compatible with the Guncon 2. The Guncon 2 that came with the big box version of Namco shooters really delivered an arcade experience at home, other versions had gotten close but the GunCon 2 was nearly perfect.  Unfortunately for light gun games the advent of LCD and Plasma TVs would pretty much kill the genera. The Wii did somewhat bring them back but holding a Wiimote instead of a Guncon just didn't have the same feeling.

As far as Light Gun games go Vampire Night is my favorite, passing House of The Dead and even Area 51, a game I beat on a single credit in my local arcade. Vampire Night was weird, a little creepy, but it didn't go as overboard as the House of The Dead games. Another thing I  really like about Vampire Night is the ending, I don't want to spoil it but I like stories that depict victory as having a cost. I would love to tell you guys to run out an play this but logistically it isn't an easy task. If you are looking for a light gun fix pick up a Wii or better yet a Wii U. Some games to look for are House of the Dead Over Kill, Link's Cross Bow Training, and Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles.


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