Monday, October 20, 2014

Games That Make You Think of Halloween Day 20: Deadly Premonition Xbox 360 / PS3

Day 20: Deadly Premonition - Xbox 360 / PS3

Deadly Premonition is a horror game that is both very interesting and surprisingly terrible. This game is unique for placing the sandbox world style inside a horror title, with changing weather, time of day, triggered events, and nonlinear game play. The game begins with a gruesome murder scene in it's opening that reels you in, making you want to know more. The  town that is the setting of the game is very strange and unsettling, giving off a heavy Twin Peaks vibe. The murder, the town, and the strangeness of the game are all of it's best parts but even as good as those are it is marred by terrible dialogue and worse controls. I started this as one of my Halloween games for 2013 but I have not finished it. I really want to know how Deadly Premonition ends and I think watching a play through on YouTube might be the way to go. I recommend everyone who is into survival horror or Twin Peaks checks this game out, even it it just by watching a play though.

Fun Facts: This game has a Directors Cut on the PS3, It has an interactive guide available on the iPad,  and in 2012 Guinness Book of Worlds Records stated this is the most Polarizing Survival Horror game of all time.

I See A Play though In My Future

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