Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Games That Make You Think of Halloween Day 8: Zombies Ate My Neighbors for Genesis

Day 8: Zombie Ate My Neighbors - Genesis & SNES

My first experience with Zombies Ate My Neighbors was shortly after it was released in the summer of 1993.  A neighbor of mine got this for the Genesis and invited me over to play co-op with him, it was love within 5 minutes. I seriously considered trying to get a Genesis for this, until I found out it was also released on the SNES. Zombies Ate My Neighbors was published by Konami but created by LucasArts. If you have been following my list thus far I am sure you are not surprised to see this game. Puns? Check. Zombies? Check. LucasArts? Check. How could I not love this game. You can find a really good rom hack called Oh No! More Zombies Ate My Neighbors, same game with some tweaks and new levels try that before you pick up the tacked on, hacky sequel Ghoul Patrol. BTW Ghoul Patrol was originally designed to be its own game, but they jammed Julie & Zeke into it to help sales.

Have you seen the variant SNES box?


  1. A great game, which I've never beaten completely. :/

    By the way, Spooklyliscious Pop Tarts are back in my local grocery store! Have you bought a box for your wife yet? :P

  2. I showed your comment to my wife and we both had a laugh. To answer you, yes I found the last 3 boxes at my Target two weeks ago and purchased all of them. =)