Saturday, October 4, 2014

Games That Make You Think of Halloween Day 4: Costume Quest for Xbox 360/ PSN/ Steam/ PC

Day 4: Costume Quest - Xbox 360/ PSN/ Steam/ PC

Costume Quest was released in October of 2010. I downloaded Costume Quest the day it came out and a better Halloween RPG experience will not be found. Aside from it being a game about kids trick-or-treating, and an RPG, it is also made by Double Fine. Double Fine was created by Tim Schafer after he left LucasArts in 2000. If you aren't familiar with Tim Schafer he was part of the golden era of Point and Click adventure games from LucasArts and he made Psychonauts, a game I just love.  Costume Quest also had DLC, Grubbins On Ice which added some winter flair and was release around Xmas 2010.

Costume Quest is charming, short and full of fun. It is part Halloween, Cartoon, Earthbound, Maniac Mansion, and Majora's Mask and it has all the wit and humor you would expect from Tim Schafer. A sequel is due out the 7th of October, and if it is half as good as the first one we are in for a treat.

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