Friday, October 17, 2014

Games That Make You Think of Halloween Day 17: Garfield's Nightmare for Nintendo DS

Day  17: Garfield's Nightmare - Nintendo DS

Garfield's Nightmare is one of two games I purchased this year because they remind me of Halloween. I am sure this seems like an odd choice, but in my life this makes perfect sense. As a child I loved Garfield books and the Garfield Halloween Adventure TV special, which was kind of dark. My love of Garfield eventually lead me to purchasing an orange tabby, sadly he passed away just last month at 11 years old. He is a big reason I choose this game this year. This game was initially released in June 2007 and is your basic 2D/3D hybrid platformer. The puzzles are pretty basic but I am actually enjoying it. I realize my bias might be showing here and that simply missing my cat plays a factor but if you are a fan of Garfield and Halloween you can't go wrong with this.

Some other random notes: I had a Garfield Alarm clock until I was 25. My name is a variant of John, I have an orange cat, and a long eared dog. At one time I owned 15 Garfield books, I have watched every Garfield TV special, and a lot of the animated series from the 90's. I have not seen any of the new Garfield movies.

11 Years Wasn't Enough

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