Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Games That Make You Think of Halloween Day 28: Shadowgate for NES

Day 28: Shadowgate - NES

Shadowgate for the NES is a point and click adventure set in the dreaded Castle Shadowgate, where everything you click kills you. This game should be called 1000 Futile Clicks and How They Kill You! I know that sounds like criticism but it's not, I love this game, the best part about Shadowgate is dying, and then dying again, followed up with more amazing deaths. Shadowgate gives you a very clear sense of consequence, you know right from the beginning of the game that your choices matter and that you need to think through the puzzles. This game was originally released for the MAC in 1987 but was ported over to the NES in 1989. It was later remade for the GameBoy Color, and a successful Kick Starter funded a totally revamped version that was just released in August. 

This game is a blend or horror and fantasy, and is a fine choice to fulfill your Halloween gaming needs. The Uninvited, also form the makers of Shadowgate, is another point and click adventure but this time set in a Haunted House. The Uninvited isn't as well known as Shadowgate, but you if you are looking for a Halloween game and you don't want to revisit Shadowgate this would be an excellent alternative.

For your enjoyment I have added pics of a few of the Shadowgate death, and at the very bottom a link to a video that shows all of them

It's a Sad Thing...

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